Episode 10

Published on:

7th Sep 2020

Celebrity Weight Loss and Cultural Appropriation

The guys try to figure out the internet freak out about Adele, Kelly Osborne, and others, get into Canada's new definition of obesity, and discuss a new controversial treatment for Auto Brewery Syndrome: the poop transplant. Yes you read that right...

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Four brothers try their best to navigate life, culture, and the news of the day.
The Templeton boys are finally podcast-ready... at least they're trying their hardest. Our Best Effort... follows the journey of four brothers as they talk life, culture, current events, nostalgia, and just about anything else that's interesting to them.
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The lawyer of the family, Derek spends most of his time trying to keep his brothers out of jail. In his spare time, he saves puppies from kill shelters, is an advocate for organic indigenous gardeners, and mentors underprivileged youth.

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I run a lot and drink coffee.

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Youngest itty bitty baby brother Templeton.